What Is a Virtual Headshot and How Does It Work?

Virtual headshots are commonly used on websites for promoting businesses and staff, in email signatures, across social media profiles such as LinkedIn, and yes, they are even used on dating websites. They allow one to put their “best face forward” by highlighting their features, in relation to the head and shoulders region.

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5 Tips for Cohesive Business Photography

Cohesive business photography isn’t just about getting that one perfect picture; it’s about understanding the message behind your product or service and sharing that message visually in a series of images across all of your virtual platforms.  If you’re looking to build trust with your audience & elevate your business, consider these tips for cohesive business photography.

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How to Make a Great Digital First Impression

Your online business profile can make or break you. So, ask yourself this: are you visually capturing exactly what you want to say? Or does your brand profile fail to make that great digital first impression on potential clients? Here are some helpful tips for making a strong digital first impression and how having professional business portraits can turn Google searches into customers.

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