How to be your own best self photographer

How to be your own best self photographer

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Does your expensive cell phone have multiple lenses, but your photos and selfies still aren’t turning out the way you want them to?

Take your phoneography from "ugh" to "wow!", by learning key photography principles.

With this one-on-one virtual lesson package, we will meet for three virtual sessions:

1. In a one-hour planning session, we will discuss the types of images you like and want to take on a regular basis, as well as review the equipment you have and/or do not have. Afterwards, you will be provided with a summary of our planning session, including guidance on what equipment, if any, you will require in preparation for your virtual photo session.

2. In a one-hour customized interactive virtual workshop, you’ll be taught about exposure, focus, composition, and the Tips & Tricks you need to know for quick and accurate photo taking. Learn all the secrets that will give you way more control over what your images look like. Lots of questions are encouraged as you set up and take up to three images with the guidance of me (Bonnie), your personal professional photographer coach.

3. We’ll do a 30-minute photo review, where we look at the images you've captured and discuss what you did really well and what could be done differently next time.

Ready to be your own best photographer?