Business Image Audit  (Your Virtual First Impression)

Business Image Audit (Your Virtual First Impression)

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You have mere seconds to make a strong visual first impression.

Do you know what impression your business is giving online? Are the photographs you are using encouraging potential customers to click through to your website or are they actually scaring people away?

A Business Image Audit is a great way to unveil how your company’s images are being perceived. Let's help convert Google searches into potential customers that walk through the door, even the virtual one!

This 3 step assessment includes:

Step 1. Research: I’ll Google search your business as well as the virtual platforms where your business currently has a profile, to experience what your potential customers see when they search your business name.

Step 2. Visual Analysis: Your existing imagery is analyzed across your virtual platforms for efficacy, continuity, and brand storytelling.

Step 3. Zoom Review: This is an up to 1-hour Zoom session where I guide you through the assessment results. I encourage you to take notes.

Your digital presence is a critical element in your success as a business, as it allows your company to be seen and trusted by your target audience as legitimate, and a brand they’d like to invest their time and money into. A Business Image Audit will give you clarity on what steps you need to take for a strong digital first impression.