Has your year gone as planned?

| 2 min read

If it’s anything like mine, I’m gonna guess that it hasn’t exactly (and that’s ok!)

You can guess my level of surprise when one June morning a nagging, pinchy feeling in my lower back had morphed into unbearable nerve pain that went shooting down my back & leg, preventing me from the ability to sit, eat, sleep, work, think, heck even existing was hard work. 

And what did that mean for my business, as a Business Visibility Strategist and Photographer?

It was a forced stop. 

That can be a scary thought for many business owners, and for others, a tough reality. It sure felt that way, and I know from speaking to many of you through the summer months that I’m not alone.

Thankfully the nerve pain is now resolved.  Rather than focus on what went wrong in Q3, let’s take a page out of Hal Elrod’s book and say three powerful words Can’t Change It.

Hal’s right, it’s in the past, it happened and there isn’t a way to go back and change it (unless you built a time machine that I don’t know about?).

What matters now, is what we do next.  What we do with, for and in our businesses going into this final quarter of 2023.

Let’s show the world our business is still here. 

Show that we are ready to serve, provide, coach, teach, heal, feed, protect etc. 

The first place you can do that is by updating your Google Business Page with the following 3 things:

  1. 3-5 photos of your business
  2. Updated business hours, including holiday hours
  3. Add an “update” post within your Google profile

By making these three seemingly small changes you can make a big impact for the visibility of your business going into Q4.  And if you don’t know how to make those changes, then please hit comment on this blog post, it’s me on the other end of this, not a funnel or marketing team, and I’d be happy to help you with it.

As you look ahead to the last 90 days of this year, I want to encourage you to:

Finish strong.

Because you have what it takes.

Celebrate the wins, big and small that you’ve had so far this year.  The best is yet to come.