About Us


Throughout my life I’ve moved all around southern Ontario. With each move I’ve needed to find a new hair stylist, a new chiropractor, fresh local restaurants / patios… new everything.  I’d search for businesses on Google only to be greeted by dark, low resolution customer-submitted photos or, even worse, nothing more than a street view image from a Google Car. The first impressions these searches left me with were thoroughly underwhelming and I often found myself wondering, “Is this business even open anymore?”  These experiences and my love of photography led me to develop my Business Profile services.  I aim to help businesses exist powerfully - to provide a means for businesses to claim and dominate their online space by leaving a current, fresh visual first impression.  

I love photographing interior spaces, objects, details and textures.   Lifestyle Insurance Photography came to be after hearing too many stories of loss due to theft, flood or fire.  My goal is to provide everyone with “peace of mind” in case of such an unfortunate event.  My sincere hope is that you never need to use the photos as part of a claim, and instead enjoy them as a timestamp of how you are living your life today.

Photography has been a consistent presence in my life.  As a young kid I’d follow my uncle around while he took family photos, asking him endless questions about the camera.  I studied photography and digital media arts in school, and this learning experience opened my eyes to the world of film - more specifically, visual effects.  I pursued a career as a Digital Compositor, assembling multiple images into one final piece, and had the pleasure of working alongside many talented artists on a wide variety of feature films, TV commercials, TV series and music videos.

All of these experiences have led me to this moment and these specific photographic offerings.  I feel very lucky to have photography in my life.

When I don’t have a camera in my hands then I can usually be found rock climbing or dancing my heart out at a live concert.