Headshot Photographer in Oakville

Corporate headshots speak volumes about your business. In many cases, they’re the first virtual or indirect introduction customers and clients have with your staff members. Professional headshots can forge a personalized face-to-face connection with anyone who sees them on your website long before meeting your team members in person.

You already know that in business, first impressions are extremely important. So, why would you hire an amateur photographer to take your business headshots for you when you can have access to someone more experienced? If you’re looking for a qualified professional headshot photographer in Oakville, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let Bonnie Dickson Photography steer you in the right direction with fresh, friendly-looking, and welcoming business headshots that help you make a great virtual first impression.

What Is Corporate Headshot Photography? 

A headshot is a picture that’s taken of a subject from the shoulders up to create a certain positive impression and affiliation with that person. Actors use them to highlight their most attractive facial features and showcase a range of emotions when auditioning for roles. Business associates use them to present a certain professional image.

Professional corporate headshots present a well curated image of your brand to your customers before they even really know who you are. Whether you choose to have them taken in the comfort of your office to give a more personalized and familiar feel or in our studio, we’ll always make sure to present you and your employees in the best light and from the best angle possible.

At Bonnie Dickson Photography, we have a keen eye for details and will use our exceptional knowledge of professional photography to capture your essence. Business headshots are important because they can be used for a wide range of online profiles including your website’s About Us page, your social media platforms, and any other digital directories your business appears in.

Different Types of Headshot Photography We Offer

Whether you prefer black and white, sepia tones, grey-scale, or coloured headshots, Bonnie Dickson Photography does it all. Here are some of the different types of headshot photography we offer:

  • Business headshots
  • Corporate headshots
  • Virtual headshots
  • Lifestyle headshots
  • Existing image editing & polishing

Business and corporate headshots are portrait photos that convey a person from their shoulders upward. These images are typically used for corporate purposes such as business cards, brand websites, in marketing material, professional online profiles, corporate events, special appearances at events, and so much more.

Virtual headshots are professional photographs that are taken by the subject instead of a professional photographer. A popular option during the pandemic, a business professional can take their own photo as a professional photographer guides them on how to select the right lighting and camera positioning. The photo is then professionally edited and retouched by the photographer, so it can be used on company websites, Google My Business accounts, and even thumbnails for corporate accounts.

Professional Headshot Photography in Burlington and Oakville

Whether you need a headshot or are looking to update an existing one, Bonnie Dickson Photography is the right choice. With many years of professional photography experience under her belt, Bonnie can help you get noticed with just a simple click of a button. Bonnie offers both in-person and virtual consultations. Book your spot today!