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The Best Marketing Is What You Do, Not What You Don't

Quick note from Bonnie: I love collaborating with other professionals in the online marketing and visibility space.  This blog post is exactly that, I've invited a talented Marketing Coach to guest blog for you today, please meet Danielle Wintrip! Mindset – Where I Started I don't particularly enjoy taking photos, but I needed some for my side hustle. I didn’t have the budget for a professional photoshoot – cross-stitch businesses don’t rake in the dough – but I met Bonnie, and quickly learned she was much more than a photographer, she also offered photography guidance and training. I was excited to learn, but I didn't want to do the picture taking myself, I knew I had to, it was the...

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7 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Family During the Holidays

While the holidays are a great time to turn off your business brain and just be present with your family, I’d like you to remember that whatever you do in your life, imagery is there, whether it’s directly connected to your business or a family moment. Here are 7 tips on how to take better family photos during the holidays, and how they can help your business visibility.

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Western Canada Road Trip to Put Businesses On the Map With Professional Photography

Hitting the open road is an amazing feeling! Road trips are filled with adventure, simplicity, nostalgia and carefree vibes. However, in order for the journey to be a truly enjoyable experience, some planning and preparation are required. You need to know your starting location, your final destination, the best route to take and what you will need along the way (food, beverages, music, etc.).   Tomorrow (August 11th) I will be embarking on a Western Canada adventure, where I will be delivering my photography services to businesses in other provinces, with the goal of increasing their visibility and helping to “put them on the map”.    During the month of August, I will be in Alberta and British Columbia in...

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