Your LinkedIn Headshot: Making a Lasting Impression 24/7!

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In today's digital age, your online presence is always at work, tirelessly creating first impressions for you around the clock. Whether you're awake, asleep, or your business is open or closed for the day, your images are out there, shaping perceptions of you and your business. That's why it's crucial for your photos to stand out, grab attention, and convey the exact impression you want your customers to have.


Creating a Strong First Impression

As a recent Forbes article rightly pointed out, you only have about seven seconds to make a first impression. One great place to start is by updating your online portrait or headshot on platforms like LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, or your website.


When people are searching for local businesses, they often turn to platforms like LinkedIn and Google, which have excellent search engine optimization. So, it's essential to ensure your business information, headshot, and images accurately reflect the products and services you offer, maintaining a consistent and cohesive feel. Let's take a closer look at the significance of your LinkedIn headshot.


Building a Complete Profile

It might seem like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many people neglect to include a profile picture on LinkedIn because they don't want to be the face of their business. However, eye contact and seeing each other's eyes, even through a digital image, play a significant role in building trust and connection.


Having a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile acts as your digital visual first impression. Nobody wants to see that generic cut-out silhouette representing a faceless entity. An empty profile can give the impression of laziness, indifference toward your business, or even an incomplete or false profile. Would you be eager to work with or buy from a business like that? Most likely not.


Presenting Yourself Professionally on a Professional Platform

It's important to remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform, unlike the casual nature of Instagram or Facebook. The way you present yourself in your profile picture speaks volumes about how you present yourself in your business. If you take shortcuts with your image, it's likely that you cut corners in your business too, leaving a lasting negative impression. Your headshot should professionally represent the person you are today.


Furthermore, it's worth noting that many people nowadays refuse connection requests from individuals without any profile picture on social media. This lack of visual representation fails to build trust, leaving one uncertain if the requester is a genuine person or a bot profile.


Profile Picture Don'ts

When it comes to your LinkedIn headshot, here are a few things to avoid:

- Using a picture from a social gathering like a barbecue, picnic or your latest golf game.

- Wearing sunglasses in your photo.

- Including a cropped-out person next to you.


Have you ever updated your LinkedIn profile only to realize that none of your photos truly capture the authentic you? Or maybe the photos you have don’t fit well within that little profile circle and half your face gets cropped? Don't shrug it off and accept it as the way things are. There's a solution!


Let Me Help You!

I would be thrilled to assist you with your photography needs, starting with creating an outstanding headshot for your LinkedIn profile. Let’s connect to discuss your photo needs, follow the link to my calendar to choose a time that works best for you:


Remember, your online image never sleeps, and making a strong and lasting impression is crucial. Invest in your visual presence today and watch how it positively impacts your business and professional connections.