What Is a Virtual Headshot and How Does It Work?

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Virtual headshots have been a silver lining for businesses that have struggled during this global pandemic. While lockdowns have proven to be a challenge for many, demand for products and services have grown. Companies have had to adapt to new ways of doing business and find ways of staying ahead in the game.

Virtual headshot services have allowed professionals to do just that.

Virtual professional headshots can be used to boost a company’s online profile with updated photos of staff. These services can also be useful for businesses with a partial remote staff, multiple office locations, and budget restraints. As with in-house studio portraits, adjustments to the background, exposure, and colours can be made virtually.

What Is a Virtual Headshot?

 Headshots are commonly used on websites for promoting businesses and staff, in email signatures, across social media profiles such as LinkedIn, and yes, they are even used on dating websites. They allow one to put their “best face forward” by highlighting their features, in relation to the head and shoulders region.

 Corporate headshot photography usually involves having a professional photographer take headshots of staff for promotional use on business cards, websites, flyers, direct mail, and even marketing packaging. Remember, for most people, an opinion is formed in the mind within the first several seconds of sight. Having a familiar face for customers to associate with your business gives customers a sense of personal touch.

 A virtual headshot, however, refers to a profile picture of a person captured by a photographer not in the same room, or even the same location. Wherever the person may be, a professional photographer uses their knowledge and experience to direct the subject and help them take a quality picture.

 How Does a Virtual Headshot Work?

 Travelling to an in-person photo studio where the room is set up with expensive lighting and a paper background might not be possible these days.

 A virtual headshot session can be carried out simply and with ease from your own home. The subject needs only to have a smartphone, access to a window and, if possible, a second person on location to help with taking the photo. If that’s not possible, using a tripod or bookcase can help.

 The photographer uses a live streaming service to provide direction on posture and lighting to best capture the essence of the subject.

 A pre-session video call is set up between the client and the photographer to determine the best setting in the home or office being used for the photoshoot. This allows the photographer to plan the session and make suggestions to set the scene such as using natural light from windows.

 Most sessions can take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of photos agreed upon by both parties in the pre-session meeting. With the right direction from a professional photographer, the client can take numerous photos in various poses and settings.

 With digital photos, it is easy review on-the-spot and choose two or three photos to send to the photographer to work with. Finishing touches and image polishing are done by the photographer with specialized editing and imaging tools. And the professionally polished image is emailed back to the client for immediate use.  The headshot is complete, and the client didn’t have to leave their home to get it done.

Get Virtual Headshots in Toronto

 While the idea of taking a virtual headshot may be daunting, in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced photographer, you might be surprised by how great your photos turn out! Bonnie Dickson Photography offers virtual photo sessions for clients across southern Ontario. As a lifestyle photographer, Bonnie can work with you—whether in-person or virtually—to help your business put its best face forward.

 Contact her today to enroll in a one-hour virtual headshot webinar or request a complimentary phone consultation on how a virtual headshot session can benefit your business.