Top Benefits of Professional Photos for Your Business

| 3 min read

As face-to-face first impressions are a fundamental part of the business world, so are photographs when the first impression is formed online. Visual contact is at the forefront when we look at media platforms. Our eyes signal our brains to decide whether to stop on that profile or continue to the next, all within the first split-second. 

Therefore, it is important to appeal to one’s senses. And the best way to do that is through visualization, or professional business portraits. Here are a few ways outstanding, eye-catching photography can elevate your business. 

The Power of a Picture

The right picture enables your business to tell its story and allows your potential customers to have a “clear picture” of your product or service. As Fred R. Barnard penned “a picture is worth a thousand words”. 

In fact, according to MDG Advertising, research has shown pictures associated with an article boosts readership 94%. In addition, 70% of people surveyed in one study, disclosed viewing images on a business website supported their decision to buy!  

Highlight Digital Presence

Use high-quality professional photos to tell your story. Professional pictures should be used on your website, social media pages, flyers, direct mail, and posters. 

Regardless of which media platforms you use to reach your customers, all paths lead back to your business profile. Be sure your digital presence represents your vision, your mission, and most of all, your brand.  

Boost Brand Credibility

How are you showcasing your business? Build your brand with professional photography! Serious-minded and recurring clientele will identify your professionalism through your presentation of your company. 

If you are using dark, distanced, or blurred photos, you risk losing the interest of viewers and future business prospects.  

Images Can Drive Customers

The right picture can capture your target audience. Think about this: When you search through your favourite websites, which ones appeal to you? The answer most likely are the ones with high-quality photos that shout, “look at me”! 

Tasteful, clear, and carefully designed compositions that focus on a product or service can really drive customers to make a purchase.   

Less Hassle

Putting your trust, and your business, into the hands of a knowledgeable photographer will not only take your business to the next level, but it will also alleviate unneeded stress. The organization and coordination of putting your business on the map takes valuable time and creativity. Your photographer will be able to handle all the details including any necessary editing and fine-tuning

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