Sunday Shoutout: Vostra Moda - Is Your Closet Working For You & Your Business Identity… Or Is It Overwhelming You?

| 2 min read

Quick question: Do you know what items to wear to zoom meetings from your wardrobe when the Summer weather temperature feels like it’s set to the “high heat” or “melt” outside?  Pantless better not be your answer…

As a business owner, it’s important to show up professionally, on and off the clock.  With the start of Summer comes so many added responsibilities to your day, you likely don’t have time to battle your closet, and the often easily overwhelming decision of “what to wear today”.  *Hint, it’s not the spaghetti strap tank top, no matter how high that thermometer goes!

I’ve recently connected with Brianna White of Vostra Moda.  Bri shared with me the importance of how a little bit of closet & wardrobe planning today, can help save you soooo much time this Summer. 

Through Summer styling and intentional wardrobe planning, you can wear seasonal appropriate clothing to help you survive the summer sun, while still showing up professional for your customers daily.  Bri will show you exactly how to do that, without needing to go on a shopping spree to refill your closet.  Chances are you likely already have exactly what you need in your closet right now!

I enjoyed my conversation with Bri, and look forward to learning and sharing more from her here with you soon.  In the meantime I’d like to e-introduce you to Bri and Vostra Moda, because even with professional photos, if you are wearing the wrong clothing for your business & brand, you can easily scare away clients instead of attracting them.  Here is a bit about Bri:

Hi, I’m Bri – your personal stylist, and I can’t wait to help you find confidence and power by dressing you exactly how you want the world to see you! 

At Vostra Moda, our mission is to help entrepreneurs, and individuals in the queer community, be seen, find confidence, and feel empowered in their clothing. We work together to create a personal style that compliments their brand identity and reflects their authentic personality. Through intentional styling, we fashion actionable steps to support their goals and express themselves comfortably and confidently.

Our services are designed to promote personal growth, a deep understanding of who you are and how you want to show yourself to the world, as well as discovering your personal style!

Our styling services are offered virtually and/or in person (location-dependent)! Check us out at to see more about our services & Summer Styling program, or give us a follow on Instagram @vostra_moda for weekly style tips, inspiration, and fashion fun!