How to Choose the Best Headshot Photographer

| 2 min read

When deciding to hire a headshot photographer, it takes a bit more than scrolling through web pages and contacting the first name you see. A headshot is the first impression, and sometimes the only one, you get to convey to potential clients. It is crucial you make it a great one!

Some factors to consider when searching for a “headshot photographer near me” include positive reviews, convenience, and excellent communication. 

Below we look at the most important factors to consider when hiring a headshot photographer.

Consider Your Needs

Take stock of your reasons for wanting/needing a headshot. Is it for your business or more of a personal image? Before your discussion with the photographer, make a list of your needs. Consider how and where the image will be used, and if you want to have a head and shoulder profile or just above the neck, as seen in many circular profile images. 

Make sure to discuss the location, background, and ideal outfit choice with the photographer beforehand. A professional photographer will be able to assist in all of these choices based on their experience and knowledge.

Get Referrals

Referrals are golden for photographers. While client confidentiality may be a concern, many photographers can offer names of businesses they have worked with. Furthermore, there is no harm in asking people who have great profile pictures online who their photographer is. 

Take a Look at Reviews

With most businesses relying on advertising to get their message across, word-of-mouth still holds water. Online reviews can be a reliable source of information, particularly if you have never had any business dealings with a specific photographer. 

Look for comments on communication, costs, professionalism, follow-up times, and deadlines. Attention to detail is important, so what seems to be a negative experience to one person may not be an issue for you. 

Get to Know Different Plans and Pricing

Knowing what you want will help you to select the best pricing package. Photographers offer various plans and charge accordingly. A package may include re-touching services, choice of backgrounds, a number of different poses, unlimited usage rights, or various outfit changes. The length of time allowed for a headshot photo session also may be limited depending on the package chosen.

Check Their Previous Experience

Hiring a headshot photographer is no different than hiring a contractor for your home or a tutor for your child. Whether they are new to the business or have been working in the field for years, past experience is key.

Check out their business website for examples of headshot sessions. Professional photographers will provide a gallery of their headshot portfolio. 

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