How Often Should You Update Your Professional Headshot and Business Images?

| 4 min read

Looking to give your business a fresh new look? Maybe you're offering new services and want to make sure your professional headshot and business images are up to date. You're probably wondering, "How often should I do this?" Well, you're in the right place! Let me share some helpful advice with you.

Let's start with your professional headshot:

This photo is an absolute must-have in your business visibility toolkit. It's often the first image people see of you, and it plays a crucial role in building trust and connection. So, how frequently should you update it?


As a general rule of thumb, it's recommended to refresh your professional headshot at least every two years. Even if you feel like you haven't changed much, keep in mind that fashion trends and hairstyles evolve over time. An outdated image can stand out for the wrong reasons and draw negative attention. We definitely want to avoid that!


Here's a fun fact for you: new headshots are effective for attracting attention and receiving compliments, and they are often the first moment your potential client will see you, before they meet you in person. So, if any of the following changes have occurred recently, it's definitely time for a new headshot (or two) that reflects the new you:


  • Changed your hair color or hairstyle
  • Started wearing glasses or no longer wear them
  • Experienced significant weight changes, etc.
  • Changed your makeup look
  • Altered your facial hair

Now, let's talk about your business images beyond just the headshot.

 Depending on your specific needs and budget, it can be beneficial to have multiple business branding images that align with different seasons and vibes you want to convey to your customers. Let me give you a few examples:


  • If you're running a summer campaign, consider taking photos outdoors in a park or garden to capture that fresh and seasonal feel.
  • For a newsletter, indoor images at your business or in a studio, perhaps wearing a dark or neutral-colored top (maybe with a blazer), might be more appropriate.
  • When it comes to marketing and professional materials, planning and utilizing custom professional stock photographs specifically of your business and brand is a great way to convey the emotion and experience your potential customer may experience if they work with you.
  • However, for regular day-to-day images like Zoom profiles or email signatures, it's common to opt for a more casual and authentic look. Let people see the real daily professional version of you, and they'll feel more connected when they meet you in person. 

 Now, how frequently should a business refresh its image library? 

(If your business doesn’t have an image library then click here and I can give you some tips about how to start one). A good guideline is to review your business image inventory at least once a year. This allows you to assess whether the images you have are still relevant, up-to-date, and haven't been overused in your marketing efforts. If you've used the same images 2-3 times already, it's a clear sign that it's time to capture some fresh shots. Otherwise, potential customers may start questioning if you're still in business when they see the same image repeatedly.


For service based businesses that offer seasonal promotions, or specials, having corresponding images in your digital inventory or catalog is crucial. Take a moment to check your hard drive and see if you have those images handy. I'll wait right here, and then we can move on to more tips…


If you're in the product-based business and offer a variety of items, a digital catalog can be a fantastic resource to showcase your products. It's often an undervalued asset that you can use all year round. Do you currently have photos of all your products readily available?


By giving your business images a fresh, new look, you show that you take your business and its brand seriously. It demonstrates that you're invested in staying current and relevant. In fact, more and more clients are opting to update their images quarterly. It's wonderful to see the value they place on updated photography.

If you're ready to refresh your business imagery, here's a helpful tip:

Plan ahead. By creating a visual strategy, you can likely capture all the photos you need for the rest of the year, and all at once, which can save time and potentially reduce costs. It's a win-win!


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