The RebelRebel Podcast: Racking Up Experience Points

"I think I've overused the words, 'Oh, Wow!" Bonnie grabbed her camera and struck out across Western Canada—her life is one of adventure and exploration. She's a professional photographer specializing in capturing the essence of a business and sharing it with the world. Her photography work is stunning and she consistently finds the perfect balance between art and business.

Her belief that life is meant to be lived and that having experiences trumps all else has led her on a path less ordinary. Not to be defined solely by what she does for a living (which she loves), she's a rock climber, a traveller, an appreciator of art and music, and an explorer.

Her spirit is infectious, and her story begs those who listen to go out into the world and start racking up their own experience points. – Michael Dargie

How to Listen: