Photo Retouching Services in Toronto

Professional photo retouching services in Toronto may be the helping hand your brand needs to take your business to the next level. Rely on Bonnie Dickson Photography to enhance your existing images to create a great virtual first impression. 

Consider this: the lighting, background, and colours in an image can either attract potential customers or turn them away. Through digital image polishing, your existing images can present your business in the best light—literally. Have an undesirable chair in the foreground? Gone. A shiny face? Toned. Dull background? Changed. The possibilities are endless when it comes to our professional photo retouch & polishing services. 

What Are Professional Photo Retouching Services?

Professional retouching on an existing image refers to the modification of the subject, or object, within the photo. Depending on the image, we may begin with cropping or resizing the targeted subject. The white balance, or colour temperature within the photo, is one of the first adjustments before focusing on the colouring.

The real work in creating a piece of art consists of focusing on the shadows by creating perspective and depth. Particular images, both portrait and product, may require “touch-ups” on blemishes, textures, or relative background items. We are able to smooth creases, remove silhouettes, and improve the symmetry of the subject.

Bonnie Dickson’s Professional Image Polishing & Photo Retouching Services in Toronto

In Toronto and the GTA, your search for “existing image polishing near me” should start and end with us. At Bonnie Dickson Photography, we offer high-quality image retouching services with a prompt turnaround. 

We offer several photography packages to suit your specific needs. For example, we offer retouching of one image for $85.00 plus tax. The finished product will be returned via email within five business days. 

We can retouch a variety of different images, including headshots or team portraits, as well as existing images of your product(s). We can also turn existing images into a portable network graphics (PNG) file with a translucent background for future use in promotions and marketing material.

We will work with images that may appear too dark, require a different background, or need the colours changed (e.g., colour to black and white). If one of your existing images has an object that takes away from the focused subject, we can modify the picture.  

Why Choose Us for Professional Photo Retouching for Your Business?

Bonnie Dickson Photography provides professional products aimed to promote your business with high-quality images. Our photography expertise, and knowledge, combined with an awareness of the importance of virtual impressions, provides superb results.

As a dedicated graduate of photography and digital media arts, Bonnie continued her professional studies with visual effects in many feature films and television series. As a Digital Compositor, she has been gifted with experience in image retouching and by working in conjunction with many of the world’s talented artists.

Contact Bonnie today for a complimentary 30-minute discussion on her photo retouching services in Toronto and the GTA. To view our existing image polishing samples, visit out website here.