It's All Relative

Image showing the Empowering Process Podcast episode called It's All Relative with Gail Kraft & Bonnie Dickson
Embrace, for a moment, the idea that everything is relative and relies on a point of reference for meaningful definition. It's comprehending darkness only through the presence of light. This is the Universal Law of Relativity.

I was recently interviewed by Gail Kraft on the Empowering Process Podcast, and explored this law of relativity in relation to business visibility.

Here is a quick episode description:
Join us as we hear from Bonnie Dickson, our esteemed guest, who reflects on the advantages and challenges of growing up alongside her identical twin sister. These experiences fostered her exceptional ability to discern individuality in others.

Embarking on a recent transformative road trip, Bonnie had a profound realization. The formative experiences of her youth shaped her into the accomplished professional she is today. By merging her photography expertise with her keen insights, she assists business owners in strategically utilizing captivating visuals to convey their unique value propositions.

Don't miss this enlightening 31 minute podcast episode where Bonnie unveils invaluable visibility tips and shares her compelling journey. Tune in now for an engaging discussion!