Brand Photo Collection

Brand Photo Collection

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The world has never been more visual. The quality of your brand’s photos can be the difference between a visitor clicking straight back to search or staying to learn more. Having the right photos makes for a strong digital first impression, as it sets the tone of your business.

The Brand Photo Collection will do exactly that. It’s more than just a photo session, it’s an opportunity to build a custom image catalogue of 25 professional images specific to your business that are ready to use.

How it works:

1. Discovery Questionnaire:

Before we chat, I’ll want to know where you’re planning to use your pictures. Are they for your website, blog posts, social media, Google My Business, email marketing, brochures, adverts - or all of the above?

I’ll also want to know about your business values and your brand colours. Consistent and strategic application of brand colours increases brand awareness and recognisability, so these are important to know when determining what type of visuals we need to showcase your brand in images. What story do you want the images to tell about your business? Remember, "a picture is worth a thousand words", so feel free to pass on links to reference images that invoke the look and feel you’re going for.

2. Discovery Call:

We’ll meet for a 30-minute Zoom call to review your questionnaire, discuss your photo needs, and custom design your upcoming session. During our chat, we’ll confirm what types of images visually represent your business and its values, and what exactly I’ll be photographing. This includes how many photos I’ll take of you and what type of poses you’ll be in. We love getting your web designer involved as well, in order to preplan the image uses.

3. Two to Three Hour Custom Photo Session

The session can be in-studio or at the location of your choice. I'll work with you to select a location that best communicates your message. It’s always a good idea to bring a few wardrobe choices to your session. Having a few options allows us the flexibility to choose the outfit(s) that work best in front of the camera and that are flattering on you.

4. Professional Photos Digitally Delivered

Your images should arrive in your inbox within 10 business days, optimised and ready for use across all of your digital platforms.
Brand Photo Collection Packages start at $1,497 + tax