Lifestyle Insurance

Lifestyle Insurance Photography provides photo documentation of your belongings and valuables. These high quality images will provide ease and peace of mind in case of future insurance claims for traumatic events such as theft, flood or fire. You've worked hard to make your home, condo, or rental a comfortable place - a place to rest at the end of a work day and a place to entertain your family and friends. Now you can rely on us to provide you with images to help you protect it.

The Lifestyle Insurance Photography packages are also personal interest time capsules - maybe you just completed a beautiful renovation, or you would like to showcase the belongings you have chosen to surround yourself with daily: collectibles, memorabilia from sporting events and vacations, or family heirlooms.

Our packages, My Rooms, My Complete Home, and A Moment in Time, provide you with a variety of options to suit your personal needs. Let us bring you peace of mind, and the images necessary to ease you through a claim process, should you experience any of these tragic events.