Digital Assessment - Your Virtual First Impression

Digital Assessment - Your Virtual First Impression

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Do you wonder what potential customers experience when they Google search for a business such as yours?  Let me help take the wonder away and show you exactly what they are experiencing.

Living in a society that judges a book by its cover, means that we as business owners have 3-7 seconds to provide a strong visual first impression. Having cohesive, professional business profile imagery across your virtual platforms is a great way to provide a strong first impression and build trust with your potential customers when they search for a service such as yours.

This 3 step assessment includes:

Step 1. Research - Bonnie Google searches your business and additional searches on the virtual platforms where your business currently has a presence, to experience what your potential customers are experiencing when they search your business name.

Step 2. Visual Analysis - Your existing imagery is analyzed across your virtual platforms for efficacy, continuity, and brand/storytelling.

Step 3. Zoom Review - This is an up to 1-hour Zoom session where Bonnie guides you through the assessment results. You are encouraged to take notes.

This is a $255 service and I'm giving it at $27, you are saving $228, that's 90% off!  Why am I offering it at this price?  Because I believe education & information should be accessible to everyone and I'm sincerely here to help your business have a strong digital first impression.  

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